Yellowstone Christian College (YCC) is an exciting place with a bright and promising future. Located in BILLINGS, MONTANA, YCC is located on the western edge of Billings in the heart of the Yellowstone River Valley. In this part of the United States, there’s more sky than you’ve ever seen and a landscape that is dominated by rimrock cliffs rising 400 feet. The GREAT PLAINS roll to the east where Custer made his famous last stand. To the southwest, the jagged BEARTOOTH MOUNTAINS, wrapped in pine trees and capped in snow, climb straight upwards to almost 13,000 feet. It’s an hour drive to Red Lodge’s SKI SLOPES and not far beyond is amazing YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. At YCC, we are serious about affordable, quality, Christian education and believe you’ll find our environment and our faculty makes YCC a place you’ll want to call home.

YCC's Worldview is Christ Centered in All Courses

“See to it that no one takes you captive
by philosophy and empty deceit,
according to human tradition,
according to the elemental spirits of the world,
and not according to Christ.”

Colossians 2:8 ESV


In a world filled with crazy ideas about who you are — the master of your destiny, the center of your universe, take all you can — YCC’s worldview puts Christ at the center of your life. He and He alone is to whom we look for the ultimate real-world answers in life.

Real World

YCC is known for it’s real-world look. Students in 2016-17 represented 11 countries, 10 states, 4 continents, and 5 Native American tribes. We have no “cultural bubble” insulating you from the real world — we live daily in a multifaceted real world.

New World

College can be a new world for students away from home, without parental supervision, for the first time. This new world offers opportunities for good and for not-so good. At YCC, we help you navigate the choices you will be faced with in your new world.

World View

Different from worldview (one’s guiding philosophy of life decisions), your world view,  or interaction with various cultures, will enhance your ability to socialize with other cultures. You will see many cultures of the world on the YCC campus.

Four-Day Week

With endless outdoor adventures waiting for you, we choose to hold classes only Monday through Thursday. This also allows you to play or work weekends without hindrance of class schedules.

Biblically Grounded

We are not ashamed in having Christ as the epicenter for Truth in all things at YCC. Biblically-based teaching is weaved into every class, every day.

Professional Degrees

Even though YCC is historically a ministry college offering Christian Leadership and Music & Worship, YCC now offers you professional degrees in Business, Psychology/Biblical Counseling, Sports Management, and Exercise Science.