Leadership & Board of Directors


Leading with Integrity

The leadership team at Yellowstone Christian College is committed to growing and serving YCC students, faculty, and staff. For over 40 years, YCC leadership has been committed to keeping Christ at the center, maintaining the values of the College, and discerning the will of the Lord moving into the future.

Dr. Bruce Cannon — President (BA; MDiv; MEd; EdD)
I grew up in Montana and Alaska. I met Sue, a Texan, on a blind date at a Dallas Mavericks’ game; we’ve
been married for 35 years. We lived in the Middle East for five years, working in the education field. I
pastored for nearly 20 years before coming to YCC as Dean of Academics in 2009. I became President in
2012. We love to travel within the U.S. and internationally. Most of our favorite times involve long road
trips together. Note to our two grown sons – we enjoy the empty-nest syndrome. We have one
grandson. Second note to sons – we’d like more. I attend Elevation Church in Billings.

John Ramos — Dean of Academics, jramos@yellowstonechristian.edu (BS, MABS)
I was born and raised in southern California by a single mother; I have two siblings. I graduated high
school, joined the Air Force, and lived in Germany for a time. I was called to the ministry in 2000 and
was entrusted to lead small group Bible studies. My journey took me to college and seminary. Presently,
in my “spare” time, I serve as the pastor of Park City Baptist Church. I enjoy reading about first-century
Judaism and Christianity, spending time with my wife Rachel, and our children: Josiah, Olivia and Noah.

Max Soft — Dean of Enrollment, msoft@yellowstonechristian.edu (BS, ThM)
I was born and raised in Billings. I played basketball at Indiana Wesleyan University. I began teaching at
YCC in 2002; the Enrollment component was added in 2012. I love sports and love to cook. I have two
out-of-the-nest sons and one high school age daughter. I am man of few words, except for in the
classroom. I attend Faith E in Billings.

Roger Dayton — Dean of Students & Athletic Director, rdayton@yellowstonechristian.edu (BA, MA, 2018)
I grew up in Billings and graduated from Billings West High. Soon after graduating from YCC, I was hired
as the youth pastor at Faith Evangelical Church in Billings, where I served for ten years. I have been
married to Jessica for ten years and have three children: Adeline, Claire, and Elizabeth. I like to spend all
my extra time with Jess and the girls. I attend Elevation Church in Billings.

Harriet Snodgrass — Comptroller, hsnodgrass@yellowstonechristian.edu (BS, MA)

Brandon Rogers — Head Men’s & Women’s Basketball Coach brogers@yellowstonechristian.edu (BS)

Jessica Carlson — Head Librarian (part-time), jcarlson@yellowstonechristian.edu (BA, MLIS)
I live in Bozeman with my husband, Joel, who pastors Emmaus Road Church. Throughout our marriage
we have felt called to ministry and are happy to be part of the YCC community. I am campus remotely
each week and at least once a month in person. I am thankful for our three great assistant librarians.
Joel and I have three school aged children, two sons and a daughter. I love being home, volunteering
with international students, and taking time to fellowship with other women. I also serve another
college as their on-site head librarian.


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Karen Brannon — (BS; MEd; Ed.D)

Karsyn Hornsby — (BS; MS)

Dr. Bill Phillips — (BS; MA; MDiv; PhD)

Linda Soft — (BS; MEd)

Rob Workman — (BS; MDiv)


Board of Directors

YCC is honored to have men and women from all across Montana and the region serving on the Board of Directors.

Mrs. Lorraine Ackerman
Forsyth, MT

Dave Carroll
Billings, MT

K.J. Ellington
Jordan, MT

Dr. Robert Eshleman
Gladstone, MO

Charlie Eustace
Billings, MT

Ryan Cooper
Billings, MT

Stacy Gaylord
Billings, MT

Rob Rust
Huntley, MT

Members at Large

Tom Berry
Roundup, MT

Frank Nienaber
Billings, MT

Mitch Wardell
Billings, MT

Ex Officio

MTSBC President
Chad Scarborough
Billings, MT

MTSBC Executive Director
Dr. Barret Duke
Billings, MT

YCC President (Non-Voting Member)
Dr. Bruce Cannon
Billings, MT