Goals Matter to You

The mission and goals drive the classroom material and the method in which we present the material to you. At YCC, your learning and your ‘doing’ is our primary focus. You will not be run through classes like luggage on a conveyor belt. You will have interaction with your faculty, learn from their success and failure, and be encouraged to find practical ways to use the classroom information. You might fail at a task or two, but that’s okay. Failure, as well as success, is how you will learn at YCC. Goals matter to us, and goals certainly matter to you.


Yellowstone Christian College exists to instruct and mentor Christian men and women to shape the church and culture by reflecting Christ’s character.



GOALS for students involved in the MISSION

  • Grounded in a solid biblical worldview
  • Prepared with a foundation for lifetime learning
  • Equipped with professional competence
  • Equipped with practical ministry skills
  • Confirmed understanding of your personal God-driven mission
  • Committed servant-leaders to the churches and communities of the Northern Plains and the world