Yellowstone Bible Institute

Non-credit Evening Courses for Adults

Biblical Training at Your Convenience

This page is NOT for students seeking a degree or taking classes for college credit to transfer. This page is for adults who desire to study during 5-week, one night per week, non-credit courses.

Yellowstone Bible Institute (YBI) is a non-traditional, adult-learning instructional program designed to assist believers desiring opportunities to study God’s Word for better understanding and advancement of the Gospel.

If you are a student searching for information on the traditional degree plans of YCC, please navigate back to the Academics or Admission page for details on degree plans of Yellowstone Christian College.

YBI is a non-degree, non-credit series of fast-paced, one night per week, 5-week classes providing beginner to advanced Biblical instruction to individuals involved in ministry and to those who want to enhance their spiritual and theological walk. Courses are designed to enhance worship, evangelism, defense of the Gospel message, and Biblical study, so the man and woman of God may be “mature and complete, not lacking anything” (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

All YBI professors have been formally trained theologically and possess graduate degrees. YBI conducts all of its classes on the campus of Yellowstone Christian College, and students of YBI will have access to YCC’s library.

Personal Enrichment

YBI believes that all believers should be equipped to share and defend the Gospel, regardless of career choice. If a student chooses to enroll at YBI for “Personal Enrichment,” they will not be committing to a specific number of courses over a period of time. Rather, individuals will be able to choose courses and use YCC library resources for their own study and growth, understanding there will be no formal recognition of the courses taken.


Students may choose to pursue a Certificate of Biblical Studies. The student will take four five-week courses (1 credit each) and two 15-week survey classes (3 credits each). If taken promptly, it is possible for YBI students to complete their certification in one year.

One of the biggest benefits for obtaining a Certificate is the ability to include it as formal training on a resume. In addition, students may then decide to pursue more advanced training or enroll full-time at YCC.

Cost and Contact

The cost of each course is $150 per credit for the 10-credit Certificate-seeking student and $90 per course for Personal Enrichment students. Students will be responsible for the purchase of their textbooks.

To receive an application, for information regarding classes, or for more general information regarding YBI, contact
Max Soft or John Ramos.

Convenient Times

Understanding the busyness of life and the commitments to family and one’s career, YBI is committed to offering classes at convenient times. YBI classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:30 p.m. Students will only need to be present one night per week to further ease the commitment load.