Student Ministries Program

Getting You Involved in the
Student Ministries Program

Because of YCC’s strong commitment to the Christian faith, each student taking 9 or more credits is required to become actively involved in a local, evangelical church. The college desires to see each student become consistent in church attendance, serve in a ministry of a local church, live by faith, and mature as a Christian. This is tracked through the Student Ministries Program.

The Purpose

The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities to combine the student’s classroom learning experiences with practical ministry application in the local evangelical church setting.

This program provides a supervised
opportunity for the student to become a servant leader, to develop skills in the practice of Christian ministry, to use the student’s service in the local church to solidify what they have perceived as the call of God into professional Christian ministry, and to help clarify the area of ministry into which the student has been called.

In addition, it allows participating churches to become a training ground for future leaders and allows the student to offer ministry assistance to a local church.